I'm Jess, the founder of Tea in the Moment.

They often say people create the things they need the most. The name Tea in the Moment represents the reminder I needed. To slow down, take a breath and bring myself back to the present.

Where sitting down with a meditation app always seemed quite daunting, a tea break at work provided the perfect opportunity for a mindful moment away from my desk that I so desperately needed, but often neglected. I was working long hours for a large multinational company, and I could see that the stresses and demands of modern day life were taking a toll on my wellbeing.

This realisation kickstarted my search for a healthier alternative to satisfy the sugar and caffeine cravings that fuelled my day. I soon discovered the ancient healing benefits of cacao and its mindful power, and shortly after launched Tea in the Moment in the summer of 2020.

My mission for Tea in the Moment is to serve as a gentle reminder to press pause throughout your day, to go inside and be with yourself and give your fullest attention to the present moment.